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Consultant, executive, team and organizational coach

After a diagnosis and an objective defined together, I can intervene on several dimensions:

Individual coaching : It is a personalized and caring accompaniment of a person in a process of personal or professional change, which by revealing the meaning and the vision, allows this person to find his/her own solutions and to implement them.

Examples: Leadership development, communication improvement, Conflict management, ...


Team coaching : It is a team support which, by taking into account the individualities that compose it, allows to co-design its solutions to strengthen its way of working, its cohesion and its performance.

Examples: newly formed team, manager positioning, development of the collective mindset ...

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Organizational coaching : It is a support for teams or a few change agents with the objective of modifying perceptions and behaviors in order to embark all collaborators on the path of change.

Examples: digitalization, jobs evolution, decision-making process, governance, etc.


Expert advice in business transformation : it is a methodological and structuring support for a transformation impacting a company's ecosystem and strengthening or re-creating the coherence between strategy, values, structure, governance, processes and collaborators talents

Examples: Business model evolution, transfer of activities, new ways of working, change of corporate culture ...


Training : It is, from a diagnosis of transformation needs, the design and animation of training-actions, in the form of workshops, concrete cases, Business Games, agile techniques  to acquire knowledge,  improve practices and reinforce or develop behaviors

Examples: understanding your personal relationship to change for action, improve your decision-making process, convince without a hierarchical relationship, manage an organizational project, the fundamentals of strategic purchasing,...


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